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World Currency Abbreviations, Symbols and Codes

The table below provides the following list:

  • Currency Abbreviation - three letter currency code. Identification of the national currency unit that is used according to ISO 4217 standard: the first two letters define the country and the third one - the currency name.
    • Currency Name - three-letter acronym. The first two letters basically denote the name of the country, and the last letter is the first letter of the name of the currency of the country.
    • Currency symbol graphic symbol. Currency symbol used as a shorthand for a currency name, especially in reference to amounts of money.
    • Numeric Code three-digit numeric code. Numeric Currency Code used in countries with a non-Latin script. It is usually the same as the numeric country code.
    • Alphabetic Code (abbreviation) - defines the currency name and consists of three letters. The first two letters indicate the two-letter country code defined by ISO 3166 which are followed by the initial letter of the currency name.
    • ISO 4217 Standard - three-letter alphabetic and three-digit numerical codes of currencies.
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List of Currency Symbols

Currencies, Traded in IFC Markets
World Currencies and Abbreviations
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Currency NameAlphabetic CodeNumeric Code Currency Symbol Exchange Rates
DollarUSD840$ USD / ...

The US dollar (USD, “Greenback”) is the most widely traded currency in the world. The issuer is the Federal Reserve System(the Fed).

  • Is the most popular reserve currency, held by central banks, financial institutions and private investors
  • Is considered as a “safe haven” currency in periods of instability due to universally recognized reliability of the US economy
  • Is used as a standard payment unit in commodity markets
Australian dollarAUD036$, A$, AU$ AUD / ...

The Australian dollar (AUD, “Aussie”) is the 5th most traded currency in the world. The issuer is the Reserve Bank of Australia.

  • Is actively applied in currency exchange and trading operations, as Australia supports high interest rates, as a rule.
  • Is affected by trading relations with Japan, China and the United States
  • Refers to "commodity" currencies, as the economy of Australia highly depends on commodity export (particularly on gold and other metals mining)
Canadian dollarCAD124$, C$ CAD / ...

The Canadian dollar (CAD, “Loonie”) is the 7th most traded currency in the world. The issuer is the Bank of Canada.

  • Is affected by its neighbor country, USA economy.
  • Refers to "commodity" currencies, as the economy of Canada depends on commodity export (particularly, energy, wood and oil
Swiss francCHF756Fr., SFr, FS CHF / ...

The Swiss franc (CHF, “Swissie”) is the 6th most traded currency in the world. The issuer is the Swiss National Bank.

  • Is considered as a “safe haven” currency due to the country's non-inflationary and stable economy
Japanese YenJPY392¥ JPY / ...

The Japanese yen (JPY) is the 3rd most traded currency in the world. The issuer is the Bank of Japan.

  • Is considered as a “safe haven” currency due to low inflation and high stability of the nation’s economy
  • Is characterized by relatively low value against other major currencies due to quite low interest rates
  • Is actively involved in trading operations, particularly in Asia.
  • Low exchange rate of the national currency was historically favored by the government, supporting exporters and contributing to economic growth
New Zealand dollarNZD554$, NZ$ NZD / ...

The New Zealand dollar (NZD, “Kiwi”) is the 10th most traded currency in the world. The issuer is the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

  • Is often involved in trading operations as New Zealand is supporting high interest rates, as a rule
  • Depends on commodity exports, particularly on food trade.
EuroEUR978 EUR / ...

The euro (EUR, single currency) – the 2nd most traded world currency, emitted by the European Central Bank.

  • official common currency of 17 states which constitute the European currency bloc, so called Euro Zone
  • considered as the second world reserve currency, held by central banks, financial institutions and private investors
  • often subject of speculation on general health of the Euro Zone and its members
PoundGBP826£ GBP / ...

The British Pound (GBP, "Sterling", "Cable") is the 4th most traded currency in the world. The issuer is the Bank of England.

  • Is characterized by a relatively high value against other major currencies
  • Is often used as a reserve currency
Swedish kronaSEK752kr SEK / ...

The Swedish Krona (SEK) is a popular currency in European trades. The issuer is the Bank of Sweden.

Danish kroneDKK208kr DKK / ...

The Danish krone (DKK) – the national currency of Denmark, emitted by the National Bank of Denmark.

Krona NorwegiaNOK578kr NOK / ...

The Norwegian Krone (NOK) is a popular currency in European trades. The issuer is the Bank of Norway.

Singapore dollarSGD702$, S$ SGD / ...

The Singapore dollar (SGD) – the 12th most traded world currency, emitted by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Czech KorunaCZK203 CZK / ...

The Czech koruna (CZK) - national currency of the Czech Republic, issued by the Czech National Bank.

Hong Kong DollarHKD344$, HK$ HKD / ...

The Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) – currency of Hong Kong, which is issued in full autonomy under the supervision of a local regulator, Hong Kong Monetary Authority.

Mexican PesoMXN484$, Mex$ MXN / ...

The Mexican Peso (MXN) – national currency of Mexico, the most traded in Latin America, issued by the Bank of Mexico.

ZlotyPLN985 PLN / ...

The Polish Zloty (PLN) – national currency of Poland, issued by the National Bank of Poland.

RubleRUB643 RUB / ...

The Russian Ruble (RUB) – national currency of the Russian Federation, issued by the Bank of Russia.

Turkish LiraTRY949 TRY / ...

Turkish Lira(TRY) – national currency of Turkey, issued by The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey.

RandZAR710R ZAR / ...

The South African Rand (ZAR) – national currency of South Africa, issued by the South African Reserve Bank.

YuanCNHno official ISO code CNH / ...

CNH is an offshore version of the Chinese Yuan which has been introduced by Hong Kong Monetary Authority and People’s Bank of China so as to allow investors to get an opportunity to raise capital in the Chinese currency beyond Continental China. CNH is often called offshore Yuan.

Currency NameAlphabetic CodeNumeric CodeCurrency Symbol
UAE DirhamAED 784 د.إ
Armenian DramAMD 51 Դ
Netherlands Antillean guilderANG 532 NAƒ
Argentine pesoARS 032 $
Australian dollarAUD 36 $, A$, AU$
Aruban florinAWG 533 ƒ
Azerbaijanian ManatAZN 944
Convertible MarkBAM 977 KM
Barbadian dollarBBD 052 BBD
Bangladeshi takaBDT 050 Tk
Bulgarian levBGN 975 лв
Bahraini dinarBHD 048 .د.ب
Burundian francBIF 108 FBu
Bermudian dollarBMD 060 BD$
Brunei dollarBND 096 B$
Bolivian bolivianoBOB 068 Bs
Bolivian MvdolBOV 984
Brazilian realBRL 986 R$
Bahamian dollarBSD 044 B$
Bhutanese ngultrumBTN 064 Nu.
Botswana pulaBWP 072 P
Belarusian RubleBYN 933 р
Belarusian rubleBYR 974 Br
Belize dollarBZD 084 BZ$
Canadian dollarCAD 124 $, C$
Congolese FrancCDF 976
WIR EuroCHE 947
Swiss francCHF 756 Fr., SFr, FS
Unidad de FomentoCLF 990 UF
Chilean pesoCLP 152 $
YuanCNH no official ISO code
RenminbiCNY 156 ¥
Colombian pesoCOP 170 $
Unidad de Valor RealCOU 970
Costa Rican colónCRC 188
Peso ConvertibleCUC 931 CUC$
Cuban pesoCUP 192 $MN
Cape Verdean escudoCVE 132 Esc
Czech KorunaCZK 203
Djiboutian francDJF 262 Fdj
Danish kroneDKK 208 kr
Dominican pesoDOP 214 RD$
Algerian dinarDZD 012 دج
Egyptian poundEGP 818 ج.م
NakfaERN 232 ናቕፋ
Ethiopian birrETB 230 Br
EuroEUR 978
Fijian dollarFJD 242 FJ$
Falkland Islands poundFKP 238 £
PoundGBP 826 £
LariGEL 981
Ghanaian cediGHS 936 GHS
Gibraltar PoundGIP 292 £
Gambian dalasiGMD 270 D
Guinean francGNF 324 FG
Guatemalan quetzalGTQ 320 Q
Guyanese dollarGYD 328 GY$
Hong Kong DollarHKD 344 $, HK$
Honduran lempiraHNL 340 L
Croatian kunaHRK 191 kn
Haitian gourdeHTG 332
Hungarian forintHUF 348 Ft
Indonesian rupiahIDR 360 Rp
Israeli new shekelILS 376
Indian rupeeINR 356 Rs.
Iraqi DinarIQD 368 ع.د
Iranian rialIRR 364
Icelandic KronaISK 352 kr
Jamaican DollarJMD 388 $
Jordanian DinarJOD 400 JOD
Japanese YenJPY 392 ¥
Kenyan ShillingKES 404 KSh
Kyrgyzstani somKGS 417 KGS
Cambodian rielKHR 116 KHR
Comorian francKMF 174 KMF
North Korean wonKPW 408
South Korean WonKRW 410
Kuwaiti dinarKWD 414 د.ك
Cayman Islands dollarKYD 136 $
Kazakhstani TengeKZT 398 KZT
KipLAK 418
Lebanese PoundLBP 422 ل.ل
Sri Lankan rupeeLKR 144 ரூ
Liberian DollarLRD 430 L$
Lesotho LotiLSL 426 L
Libyan DinarLYD 434 LD
Moroccan dirhamMAD 504 د.م.
Moldovan leuMDL 498 MDL
Malagasy AriaryMGA 969 Ar
Macedonian DenarMKD 807 MKD
Burmese kyatMMK 104 K
Mongolian TugrikMNT 496
Macanese patacaMOP 446 $
Mauritanian ouguiyaMRO 478 UM
Mauritian rupeeMUR 480
Maldivian RufiyaaMVR 462 Rf
Malawian KwachaMWK 454 MK
Mexican PesoMXN 484 $, Mex$
Mexican Unidad de Inversion (UDI)MXV 979
Malaysian ringgitMYR 458 RM
Mozambique MeticalMZN 943 MT
Namibian dollarNAD 516 N$
Nigerian NairaNGN 566
Nicaraguan CordobaNIO 558 C$
Krona NorwegiaNOK 578 kr
Nepalese rupeeNPR 524
New Zealand dollarNZD 554 $, NZ$
Rial OmaniOMR 512 ر.ع.
Panamanian balboaPAB 590 B
Peruvian Nuevo SolPEN 604 S/.
Papua New Guinean KinaPGK 598 K
Philippine pesoPHP 608
Pakistani rupeePKR 586 Rs.
ZlotyPLN 985
Paraguayan guaraníPYG 600
Qatari riyalQAR 634 ر.ق
Romanian leuRON 946 L
Serbian DinarRSD 941 din
RubleRUB 643
Rwandan francRWF 646 RF
Saudi riyalSAR 682 ر.س
Solomon Islands dollarSBD 090 SI$
Seychellois rupeeSCR 690 SR
Sudanese poundSDG 938 SDG
Swedish kronaSEK 752 kr
Singapore dollarSGD 702 $, S$
Saint Helena PoundSHP 654 £
Sierra Leonean leoneSLL 694 Le
Somali shillingSOS 706 So.
Surinamese dollarSRD 968 $
South Sudanese PoundSSP 728 SSP
São Tomé and Príncipe dobraSTD 678 Db
Salvadoran colónSVC 222
Syrian poundSYP 760 SYP
Swazi LilangeniSZL 748 SZL
Thai BahtTHB 764 ฿
SomoniTJS 972 с.
Turkmenistan New ManatTMT 934 T
Tunisian dinarTND 788 د.ت
Tongan paʻangaTOP 776 T$
Turkish LiraTRY 949
Trinidad and Tobago dollarTTD 780 TTD
New Taiwan dollarTWD 901 NT$
Tanzanian ShillingTZS 834 x
Ukrainian HryvniaUAH 980
Ugandan ShillingUGX 800 USh
DollarUSD 840 $
US DollarUSN 997
Uruguay Peso en Unidades Indexadas (URUIURUI)UYI 940
Uruguayan PesoUYU 858 UYU
Uzbekistani SomUZS 860 UZS
Venezuelan bolívarVEF 937 VEF
Vietnamese dongVND 704
Vanuatu VatuVUV 548 Vt
Samoan TalaWST 882 WS$
Central African CFA FrancXAF 950 BEAC
East Caribbean dollarXCD 951 EC$
SDR (Special Drawing Right)XDR 960 SDR
West African CFA francXOF 952 BCEAO
Central Pacific FrancXPF 953 F
SucreXSU 994
ADB Unit of AccountXUA 965
Yemeni RialYER 886 YER
RandZAR 710 R
Zambian KwachaZMW 967 ZK
Zimbabwe DollarZWL 932 $
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